Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A crochety post

So I started this blanket in December and it hasn't taken me long to finish at all. The design is the Sunny Stripes blanket from Attic24 and I used the same colourway and patterning that Lucy has used - only because I just couldn't be bothered to think about it and wanted something easy to do. So here it is in its finished state. I finally did the edging today and am pretty pleased with how it came out. 

Ta -Daaaa! It's very long!

And bright....

The edging worked perfectly...

Lovely folded too!

And on a whim, I decided to buy some more wool as Stylecraft have introduced some new colours including the lovely Duck Egg blue shade. I was inspired by Annie's Place by some of her pretty blankets in pastel shades. 

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry - probably because I have enlarged them but hopefully you can see the shades. I have included the new mustard shade to pop every now and then and the Boysenberry one which is the dark purply pink shade. 

I wanted to shout a huge THANK YOU to my dear blogger friend Vonna for sending me a lovely big piece of Weaver's Cloth to do some punchneedle on. It is very difficult to find this fabric over here in the UK and the last punchneedle I did was a little kit that came with the fabric inside. What with the new release of Punchneedle and Primitive Stitcher magazine which my lovely friend Sue over at Peakside Needleworks has managed to get in her online shop, I have been seriously drooling over all the lovely designs I want to punch. Now I can! Thanks Vonna so much. You are so very kind. Now, where is my punchneedle??
All the best to you all. Hope you are having a peaceful January. I have been hit with a little ill health but am okay. 
Stay warm. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Crazy 7 update....

How are you all stitchers and crafters? Well my Crazy 7 challenge actually became Crazy 8! No - not the Crazy 8 card game but actually 8 Crazy New Starts! I enjoyed every single one and developed a case of startitis!

So without further ado, here are my starts.... and would you believe I actually have a finish too. Thank you to the girlies on our group Skype chat that continually encourage and enable. Thanks to Lesley, Sue, Tracy and Tina (no blog).

Day 4

Their Song
Blackbird Designs

I really didn't get a lot done on this as wasn't feeling great that day but it is a start!

Day 5

Mill Hill
Joy to the World Button and Bead kit

Fun to work on this! Enjoyed the cheerful primary colours. 

Day 6

Ink Circles

This is using Olde Willow Stitchery threads and they are lovely to work with. Very subtle pastel variations. 

Day 7

Kathy Barrick
And Heaven and Nature Sing

The fabric arrived just in time yay!!!! It is Polstitches Heirloom using DMCs. Love it. 

And Day 8!

Carriage House Samplings
Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow.

I couldn't resist this. My fabric came (40ct Newcastle Sand) and I had the threads and just had to start it. Love it. Love the colours and the design. Everything. 

And I have a finish.... 

Can you guess which one of my Crazies I finished?

Ta... Daaaaa....

Yes it is the Sampler Girl Moon Shell Sampler! Did you guess correctly? It is not a great pic as it is so large but you get the idea. 

So who actually did the Crazy 7 challenge? Did you manage to start all of them? Did you resist starting more? Well I am a little stitched out after last week so I am returning to crochet for a little bit just till I get this stripe blanket complete. Pics to come soon. 

Okay, happy stitching or crocheting or crafting to you this week and I will see you all soon.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy New Year! 2016!

Happy New Year everyone. Unfortunately, ours was spoiled by neighbours partying till 5am and so we didn't get very much sleep and I ended up being quite ill - painful throat; feels like it has razor blades in it. You know what I'm talking about.

But, not allowing that to put me off my Crazy 7 new starts, I thought I'd show you where I am up to. 

Day 1

Robin's Song
Little House Needleworks

Very pleased with my progress here and loving the jobelan fabric I am working on. Thank you to Tracy for the fabric.

Day 2
The Moon Shell
The Sampler Girl

Super excited by the progress on this one. I have almost completed one page and it is only two pages long so a definite finish is in the bag already. I am stitching it using DMC and some lovely blue mottled fabric 28 count but not sure what it is. 

Day 3
Morning Glory
The Drawn Thread

Pah! I am not happy with this at all. The design is way too fussy for me - chock full of backstitch and other stitches and the fabric count seems quite small 34 count legacy - which I have stitched on before so go figure.

So that's it from me for now. 
I've been into work then home again due to this horrid sore throat so Day 4 is coming up. 

Ciao x

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Crazy 7 challenge anyone?

As I was browsing through some of my older posts, I came across this one from 2012 which details the charts I chose for the Crazy 7 challenge. Now for those that don't know, there was a challenge going around to start a new cross stitch project for each and every day in January - that's 31 new starts- with the aim of finishing them within the year. There was absolutely no way I could have met this challenge so I came up with the idea of a Crazy 7 challenge, just having 7 new starts in the first week of January. Out of those 7 I began in 2012, I actually completed 4 of them. 3 are still ongoing but I still think it is progress. 

So I am thinking I might do the Crazy 7 again next year........

I have had a look through my stash and these are the first 6 I am going to start. I still need to think about a 7th one and also I need to make sure I am all kitted up for starting. 

1. Ink Circles "Quackworth"
Image of Quackworth

I am going with the grey fabric and pastel colours. 

2. Blackbird Designs "Their Song"

3.The Drawn Thread "Morning Glory"

4. The Sampler Girl "The Moon Shell"

5. Mill Hill "Joy to the World"

6. Kathy Barrick "Heaven and Nature Sing"

And Heaven and Nature Sing  Pattern

I need the fabric and threads for this one and I am thinking Polstitches Victorian or Egyptian or Heirloom. What would be your vote?

7. Yet to be decided.....

So will anyone join me? No real rules. Just have and enjoy 7 new starts and try and finish them within the year but it doesn't matter if you don't! And yes, you can have other starts in the year. Anyone?? Anyone???

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

It's been a while....

Well well, where did this season go? The last time I posted was way back in September and I think this term has just been super busy at work and super tiring too. I finish on Friday though for three wonderful weeks off. I am trying to get as much work done for next term as I can now so that it won't hang over me throughout the Christmas season.

I have been stitching! I have managed to do a fair amount on the Moira Blackburn sampler and pleased with my progress on her. I am more than half way there now.

I have also had a new start on a design I noticed in an Attic Needlework letter a few months ago. This is by Long Dog Samplers for Gentle Arts and was a charity design that proved very difficult for me to find. I eventually got it from overseas and threads took a bit of time to get here as well. So I haven't done much on this yet but I am sure it will be stunning once it is done.

I had another new start that I almost forgot to mention. I have been eyeing up this design for years now so when someone introduced me to some beautiful hand dyed fabric by Crafty Kitten then I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get it. This is my progress on Fairy Moon by Mirabilia and the fabric is Bramble Liquor 28 count cashed. I love it so far.

I have also purchased another Mirabilia chart Lady of the Mist and I'm planning on stitching that on Crafty Kittens Aurora fabric. I just need to kit up threads and beads for that one. 

This is what it will look like according to

I also bought a little stash recently from Sue at Peakside Needleworks. I knew that some of the Prairie Schooler designs were beginning to sell out fast so I wanted to make sure I had the full set of monthlies and ABCs in. Sue is selling them as complete sets if anyone is interested but doesn't have many left in stock.

This weekend sees our annual Advent stitchy meet up and exchange which takes place at my house. I'm looking forward to welcoming Tracy, Tina, Lesley and Sue for a little Christmas cheer and stitchery. We have an exchange which comprises of hand stitched ornament, chart and chocolate and this year, Tracy and I will be doing our first ever advent exchange. We decided we would do 12 days of Christmas instead of the usual 24 and I really enjoyed putting it altogether for her. Hope she likes the little gifts I bought.

I got my Just Nan framed for my mum for Christmas and I am really pleased with how it turned out. 

I have another little finish as well. It is the Potpourri Heart from the Sweetheart Tree. You can't see how sparkly this is in the picture but wow! It really is stunning. I am looking for a pretty 4x4 inch frame to put it in. 

My son also picked up the cross stitch bug. I gave him a little kit by Daisy Designs to do and he got right to it:

And finally, I thought I would leave you with some cat pictures for you feline fans. They seem to have settled in really well and they are very much loved. 

So it's been a busy season with brass band concerts, nativities, trips to the theatre, retreats and parties and I am thoroughly exhausted. Looking forward to a long relaxing break.

I will try and post again after the weekend to show all the exchanges.

Best wishes everyone.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Nan's Garden Finished!

Just a very quick post as it is Friday night and I am super tired but I had to share my finish. The photo isn't great but you get the idea. 

I was stitching this design for my Mum as her name is Nan and she is the most terrific gardener. I thought it was just right for her.
Nan's Garden
Just Nan
Fabric - 28ct Lambswool Linen
Threads - DMC
Beads - Mill Hill

My intention was to just get a couple more rows done this month but I have actually finished her. I am so pleased and can't wait to get her framed. Will have more pics soon. 

Monday, September 07, 2015

The Winner of the Lizzie Kate Travelling Stitcher is.........


 Poor Angela has a cataract op tomorrow so I wish you all the best with that!
Please email me at with your address details and I will pass it on to you as soon as I can. 

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Travelling Stitcher Giveaway!

Well I managed to finish up the travelling stitcher piece I recently got from Vickie. It is Lizzie Kate's Love is Best chart. I have no idea how I am going to finish this. Maybe a little cushion? It is stitched on Picture this Plus linen in French Lilac and uses various hand dyed threads I had in my stash. 

Anyway, if you would like to carry on the travelling stitcher pattern then please pop your name down in the comments below. I will leave it up until Monday and then pick a random number and send it off to whoever wins! Where will it go next in the world I wonder? All you need is to be a follower and to have a blog of your own. 

Happy stitching!